November 22, 2016

CMiC Innovation Award: A High-Tech Honor in Construction

Earlier this month Cannistraro was one of three companies nationwide to earn this year's  CMiC Innovation Award, a top honor in construction technology.  After adopting CMiC, an enterprise project management data and costing solution, back in 2012, Cannistraro has spent years adapting and improving its internal systems and workflows to better inform its operations and accounting teams.  Leading this charge was Will Collins, Cannistraro’s Director of Management Systems, who not only drove the implementation of CMiC but also championed the firm as a top candidate for the 2016 Innovation Award.

Over the past year in particular, Will and a team of construction accounting experts and enterprise system developers set out to automate the process of documenting project costs.  The end result produced a real-time dashboard of project and cost information that helps project managers get better at what they do.  Ultimately, it was the strategic thinking and customization behind changing Cannistraro’s data ecosystem that caught the attention of CMiC and helped garner the Innovation Award.


Cannistraro was recognized at the CMiC Connect Conference in Miami, Florida, where Will Collins and CFO Joe Cannistraro were presented with the 2016 Innovation Award.


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