August 18, 2017

In the Community: Supporting Boston Children’s Hospital in the Corporate Cup

For the second year in a row, Team Cannistraro (Cannistraro's employee-organized community service group) is united in support of the Boston Children's Hospital Corporate Cup.  As fellow Bostonians, it's vital to help patients get the care they need, and we can make a greater difference as a team.  Team Captain & Purchasing Administrator Ashley Holmes, weighs in with a guest post to share the story behind the 2017 Corporate Cup:
Team Building, Community Service & Coming Together

On Thursday, July 20th, I had the privilege of leading 20 determined JCC employees in the 2nd annual Boston Children’s Hospital Corporate Cup - a field day for adults – with different events such as Ladder Ball, an Obstacle Course, Tug-Of-War, Planking and so much more. Seventy-three companies assembled their toughest employees and met at the Harvard athletic complex for the all day showdown to raise money for the most fierce patients this side of the Charles.

It was a fun, and meaningful day – and an opportunity to bond and work together as a team while supporting a great cause. Other notable competitors this year included Vertex (last year’s champions), Google, BJ’s, and Wells Fargo.  It was amazing to see how many competitors were once patients – and to understand what great work the hospital continues to do every day.  This year’s event raised over $600,000 for the children of Boston Children’s Hospital!  We are very proud to announce that out of all the teams participating, Cannistraro was the fourth largest fundraiser, coming in at over $10,000 raised!  We thank everyone for their hard work, participation and contributions to this awesome cause and look forward to doing it all again in 2018!


Ashley Holmes-2 Guest Blogger: Ashley Holmes




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