February 15, 2017

Help Improve Sanitation Across the Globe – World Plumbing Day Gala (03/09/17)

Currently, 90% of Haiti's children suffer from waterborne diseases and intestinal parasites.  Together, we can start to lower this number by improving their quality of life.  Clean water and proper sanitation can save thousands of lives in rural communities across Haiti.

Cannistraro, along with its employees and partner organizations, has taken action to support health and sanitation in Haiti since the catastrophic Earthquake struck in 2010.  Through financial and in-kind support of various projects, we've teamed with organizations such as Partners in Health, St. Boniface Haiti Foundation, and others, to make a positive impact in the region.  Most recently, volunteers at Cannistraro modeled an open pit cover that was recently presented in Port-au-Prince.  We have since received approval from the Haitian government, UNICEF and the World Bank to build a prototype for installation in select communities in Haiti.

In support of these efforts, we encourage you to join Cannistraro and support our next project in Haiti with a fundraising reception in celebration of World Plumbing Day.  Learn more about the project and help support an important cause on Thursday March 9, 2017 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at the Plumbing Museum in Watertown, MA.  Registration and sponsorship is available by contacting Linda Veiking at 617-926-0092.


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