July 8, 2015

INSIDE STORY: Adopting Management Systems for a Changing Industry

It's no surprise that the AEC industry is constantly changing, and technology is a major driver of that change. Learning to adapt to new technologies and methods is crucial to staying ahead. Back in 2010, Cannistraro decided to integrate both its Project Management and Financial workflows into one ERP system called CMiC.  Adopting  an enterprise software that would work across all aspects of the company required a tremendous amount of planning and internal collaboration.  As a result, the company created an entire new department to focus on the management systems and chart the path for the future once operations became streamlined through CMiC. After a two-year implementation, Cannistraro officially went live with the program and has since worked closely with “ConstructIT” program development to continuously customize the software to assist with day to day operations.

Over time, Cannistraro worked to phase CMiC into all aspects of its projects both fully and seamlessly. From the time a job is awarded all the way to project closeout, project information is tracked in the same database; enabling everyone involved to have access to specific project details at any given time. Doing business in a mobile world dominated by social media and the cloud, this has become increasingly important as people now expect constant connectivity and quick (if not immediate) response.   The accessibility and consistency of all project data has made it easier for Project Managers to perform day-to-day functions, and run projects more effectively. Project Managers no longer need to go to different places in order to keep track of information.  For example, all project communication is stored in the same, central location, allowing the Project Manager to be more organized with daily documentation. When out on site, Project Managers can use their smart phone or tablet to login to the system and pull up the information they need at that given moment.

CMiC also enables them access to real-time tracking of cost and billing, and labor reports; creating more collaboration between the Project Manager and the Accounting group back at the office. The implementation of CMiC has helped to facilitate this kind of cross-department collaboration.  Embracing this technology and taking a bold step forward - away from "the way things were" - is yet another sign of Cannistraro's willingness to embrace change for the good of the company, its clients and an overall better construction process.


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