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July | 21 | 2017

NEWS: Cannistraro Helps Build Haitian Hospital

Cannistraro is proud to share a story from our friends at the Greater Boston Plumbing Contractors Association and the Art of Communications about our ongoing efforts in Haiti.  This article appears in the July 21 edition of the New England Real Estate Journal.  The original article can be found here. It started with the earthquake that …read more

January | 20 | 2016

RECAP: Boston Community Gathers To Honor MLK

Over 1,000 people gathered for the Annual Boston MLK Day Breakfast on Monday morning; a tradition that was started in order to honor MLK but still allow people to make it to work on time (back then it was not recognized as a Holiday).  Fast forward 46 years, and while Martin Luther King Day is …read more

December | 17 | 2015

WATCH: John Cannistraro Honored with Labor Guild’s 2015 Cushing-Gavin Award

Doing good – both at work and in the community – is an important value to the Cannistraro family.  Earlier this month, company president John Cannistraro, Jr. was honored with the 2015 Cushing-Gavin Award.  The Massachusetts Building Trades, the Labor Guild Archdiocese and their partners selected Cannistraro as the management awardee in honor of his …read more