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November | 22 | 2016

CMiC Innovation Award: A High-Tech Honor in Construction

Earlier this month Cannistraro was one of three companies nationwide to earn this year’s  CMiC Innovation Award, a top honor in construction technology.  After adopting CMiC, an enterprise project management data and costing solution, back in 2012, Cannistraro has spent years adapting and improving its internal systems and workflows to better inform its operations and accounting …read more

July | 8 | 2015

INSIDE STORY: Adopting Management Systems for a Changing Industry

It’s no surprise that the AEC industry is constantly changing, and technology is a major driver of that change. Learning to adapt to new technologies and methods is crucial to staying ahead. Back in 2010, Cannistraro decided to integrate both its Project Management and Financial workflows into one ERP system called CMiC.  Adopting  an enterprise software that would work across …read more